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T o Effective promotion of any services is difficult to imagine without the involvement of a large number of people. acegolds.com offers each registered participant of the investment platform to be a partner and help to promote our proposal and earn extra money. As a reward for your help, we have developed a special system of referral bonuses for 3 level. You can also start earning commission, if you not have own deposit yet.

You only need to find and attract the more active investors who will also involve referrals. Even in this case, you will earn a commission, because we offer three-tier referral system:

In case you have attracted one investor, your commission will be 5% of the amount of his deposit.

If this investor attracts new referral in his turn, you will get 2% of his deposit.

If referral of the second tier also attracts investors, your commission will be 1%.

Affiliate commission will be accrued automatically and instantly after your referral makes a deposit. You can use rewards in sole discretion, to invest or withdraw as a regular profit. Your referral commission will be in the same electronic currency as the deposit of your referral.

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